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Eine Dienstleistung des Katholischen Mediendienstes, Zürich (Schweiz)

Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy 2016   

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 Shops which offer all of the selected products
 Shops which offer at least one of the selected products
Sacred Objects
 Vestments etc.
 Icons, Pictures
 Crucifixes, medals, rosaries
Art and Handicraft
 Handiwork (knitted, crocheted etc.)
 Figures for the Christmas Crib
Text, Image and Music
 Cards, Brochures
 Books, Magazines
 Library for the Blind
Health and Wellbeing
 Medicinal Herbs
 Essence of Lemon
 Cosmetics, Lotions
 Dietary Products
Eating and Drinking
 Baked Goods
 Honey, Jam
 Mustard, Sauces
 Herbal Tea
 Wine, Liquor

Convent Shops